Rogue Valley Mall

1600 North Riverside Avenue

Suite 1130

Medford, OR 97501




11am - 7pm, Every Rockin' Day




Upcoming Events

For events after 7:00PM, go to mall parking lot #1 between Macy's Home and American Freight to find Rockafairy's exterior entrance.

Thursday, May 23, 7:00PM

Full Moon Paint & Sip

Hosted by Dimitri Mastel

Friday, June 7th, 6:00PM 

Full Choke, Pinebox, Malinois, Speak Your Piece

Saturday, June 8, 6:00PM 

Spirits, Amerikan Freakshow, Two Piece Face, Memories in the Shadow

Our Mission

Rockafairy is a public benefit non-profit which serves the Rogue Valley by offering resources for creative expression - mentoring, music lessons, a library of musical equipment and art supplies, artistic collaboration space, private rehearsal space, and a public event venue. Our resources are available to the public through a free membership program. Become a Rockafairy member today for free!

Rockafairy intends to improve community health through its operations and offerings. Much of Rockafairy will be built by and evolve with the community which supports it. We ask everyone who wishes to see this vision come to life to contribute by becoming a Rockafairy member, sharing our content, volunteering, donating equipment, services or funds, or offering insight. 

Rockafairy Resources

Musicians' Library

Rockafairy provides a library of instruments, from pianos and orchestral instruments to electric guitars and drumkits, as well as production and live sound equipment, freely available to the public. An individual or a full band can walk in with nothing but their creative minds and be provided all of the tools to make beautiful music. Additionally, members have the opportunity to check out instruments and take them home from the Rockafairy library.

Artists' Studio

Rockafairy provides artistic workspace and supplies to the public as well as hosting member artists' personal workspaces. Our resident artist Allen Smith can often be found working in his Rockafairy satellite micro-studio alongside others. Never painted before? Come in and give it a try! Already a seasoned artist? Enjoy networking with our community and make use of our workspace tools, or bring in your own.

Event Center

Rockafairy is a venue that can accommodate private events, concerts, performances, classrooms, workshops, dancing, and more. Check out our Open Mic Night every Monday to see the stage in action! Inquire in Rockafairy or via email/social media to discuss the possibilities for your event.

Music Academy

Rockafairy offers in-house instruction for a wide range of instruments and other musical skills. Individual/group lessons are available, with our offerings including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, drums, piano, violin, music theory, music production, music composition, and more! Rates are affordable and vary per instructor with scholarships available through application.

Art Gallery

Rockafairy hosts an eclectic collection of local art in several mediums, available for display or purchase (directly supporting the artists). Rockafairy member artists can have their art displayed or consigned for no upfront fee, plus a reduced fee on consignment sales.

Consignment Shop

Rockafairy provides a platform for local artists to sell their used equipment in the prime real estate of the mall - there is no upfront fee to place equipment on consignment and a competitive split on sales with Rockafairy members being assessed a reduced fee.

The Rockafairy Story

Rockafairy began as a dream of our founder Shane Ross to connect young musicians in need with instruments they could not afford, and first took shape through the donation of individual guitars in partnership with local shop Tom's Guitars. Through tremendous support from our community, Rockafairy now exists as a 501c(3) organization which operates a multifaceted community resource center in the Rogue Valley Mall providing tools, workspace and support to musicians and artists of all varieties, as well as a large, well-equipped space for community events. From our library of instruments available free for public use and our artists' workspace to our recording studio, art gallery, and consignment shop, we aim to provide supplies and support to creative people no matter where they are in their journey. Rockafairy aims to always continue expanding to serve more individuals in the pursuit of artistic expression, and donations at every scale - of funds, equipment, volunteering, or expertise - are always greatly appreciated.

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